Plazma Burst 2 Map Guide

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Future Updates:

26 September 2012: Report account ability; trustment level for every reporting user based on their reports; FAQ updated; we have some new questions for our players.

25 September 2012: Romanian version of Level Editor Manual is available now, thanks to our player and advanced level developer XnX. Now we have 3 versions of Level Editor Manuals: English, Russian and Romanian; massive personal messages removal ability; tiny chat updates (more strict censoreship, user menu).

4 September 2012: Small fix: now "Hide ads" button will give performance improvement in case if game runs slowly (and it will remove cursor/keyboard lag).


Next update for THIS site not Plazma Burst is: 

  1. Making A Sniper Shoot At You [For SAWS, Ninja Training]
  2. Lava
  3. Gatling Gun / Minigun [for role play maps or saws, ninja training]